Geotraveller 33 – Corinth and Zakynthos, Greece

Gulf Of Corinth and Zakynthos, Greece: active tectonism and ancient cultures.

The Gulf of Corinth is a narrow, 120 km-long east-west trending indentation in the coastline of western Greece. The eastern limit of the gulf terminates near the Corinth Canal which links the Aegean and Ionian Seas. The western extremity of the Gulf is demarcated by the narrow straits of Rion and Andírrion (also known as the “Little Dardanelles”) which passes into the Gulf of Patras. The area is characterised by narrow coastal strips located beneath high, mountainous terranes. The island of Zakynthos, the southernmost of the seven Ionian Islands, occurs 12 km to the west of the mainland. Zakynthos is known for the wooded interior, sandy beaches and rocky coastline.