Book review by Clyde Mallinson

Geotourism of the Gregory Rift Valley, Active Volcanism and Regional Plateaus.

Author: Roger N. Scoon.

The men were all huddled around the small shortwave radio, straining ears to hear and hearts to will, when Joel Stransky executed that most famous drop goal. We were in a tented camp in the Serengeti National Park on the fifth day of a Mineral Society field excursion in northern Tanzania, ably led by Roger Scoon (aka the Geotraveller).

Scoon’s interest in this part of Africa was first sparked in 1980 when he ascended Kilimanjaro. The 1995 field excursion further kindled that interest, and a further dozen visits to the area culminated in Scoon once again leading a field excursion to the national parks of northern Tanzania as part of the 35th International Geological Congress hosted in Cape Town in 2016.